Welcome to Bergen in Norway 8 – 10 June 2018, and welcome to join the festival in a program celebrating the art of singing in competitions and concerts as. Together we create memorable days for the future.


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We invite choirs participate in competitions, friendship concerts and festival events. Also the Norwegian competition located in Bergen,“Syng For Oss”, will be a parallel event during the festival days. We are looking foreward to exciting days celebrating the art of singing.


The Grieg International Choir Festival competition is open to amateur choirs and each choir may participate in one or two of the following categories:


  • Sacred music
  • Contemporary music
  • Folk music

Repertoire and performance

The categories are all without level of difficulty, and there is no compulsory piece. In all the categories the repertoire must be a cappella. The length of the program must be max. 12 minutes (pure singing)

In the sacred music and folk music categories, the program must include:

  • A work from the choirs country or area
  • Works of free choice

In the contemporary music category, the program must include:

  • A work of a Nordic composer written in 1995 or later.
  • Works of free choice written after 1995
  • Works of free choice.


The choirs will be assessed by an international jury. The jury has the right to award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes in each category. Adjudicator will give one point of the used the scale 10-25 points for each choir in each category. The final point will be the average of the given point from the jury. In case a choir exceeds the time limit for more than 30 seconds, each extra minute will equal to 1 minus point in the total score.

Prizes in each of the categories:

  • 1st Prize € 1200 (more than 21 points)
  • 2nd Prize € 700 (more than 19 points)
  • 3rd Prize € 300 (more than 17 Points)

Grand Prix Finale

The contestants will be chosen by the jury from the participating choirs in Grieg International Choir Competition and the national competition “Syng For Oss”. The contestants will do two pieces of their own Choice. The winner of the Grand Prix is the choir with the highest point which will be the average of the given point from the jury. The decision of the jury is final and will not be submitted to further discussion.

Grand Prix Finale: Euro 4000

Concerts & events

Friendship concerts will be scheduled with participating choirs in the centre of Bergen and the surrounding area. The concerts will take place at churches, open-air venues and concert halls. Each concert will be composed of 4-6 of choirs singing 15-20 minutes program.

CONDITIONS for participating choirs

  • Registration fee: € 200 per choir, which will not be refunded.
  • Participation fee: € 70 per participant which includes participation and entrance in all festival events.
  • Deadline for registration: 1 February 2016
  • Deadline for final payment: 1 April 2016

Cancellation:  Cancellation must be forwarded in writing. Between 1 February and 1 May 70 % of the paid amount will be refunded. After 1 May no refund should be expected. Rates: Net rates are calculated and they are given in EURO

Travel and accommodation: At the expense of participating choirs. Accommodation can be booked online: or the festival can be at help on request. Transfer to/from airport can be organized on request.

General rules

The Organizing Committee accepts no legal responsibility whatsoever in respect of anything pertaining to a choir’s participation in the Festival. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of rules and regulations. The Festival has the right to use radio and TV recordings at their own discretion, excluding any fees to the participants.