Time schedule.

Thursday 16. June
We would like that most of you rehearse with the pianist this afternoon/evening in a rehearsalroom.
If this is not possible, let us know and we find time on Friday daytime before the competition.

Friday 17. June – 1 round

  • Venue: Troldsalen/Troldhaugen
  • Time: 17.00 -21.00 1 round : 20 singes
    After the 1st round we will announce who will sing in the 2nd round

Saturday 18. June – 2 round and Finale

  • Rehearsal: Rehearsal room 10.00-13.00 Rehearsal with pianist for 2nd round
  • Venue: Troldsalen/Troldhaugen
  • Time: 14.00-16.30 2nd round

After 2nd round the finalists will be announced

  • Rehearsal room 17.00-18.00 Rehearsal with pianist for Finale
  • Venua: Grieghallen 19.00
  • Time: Finale NINA Solo Competition and Grand Prix Finale for choirs